Thursday, August 19, 2010

It couldn’t have been any sunnier


You KNOW this was one of the main highlights at Flow Festival for me. I mean, a Yoda backpack? Can you imagine all the possibilities? ALL THE IMPLICATIONS? Why didn’t I know of this before?!?!

But all in all I had a great time. Sami and I stayed at the nicest apartment and had lovely mornings to precede the fun times. I likes M.I.A quite a bit, although it’s strange for me to see artists play in such huge venues; when your visibility is limited to one of those big screens, it feels more like you’re watching TV than a live gig. Also, Omar Souleyman and Konono no1 were fantastic, and I had quite a few pleasant surprises which I’m too tired to recount. The weekend was also filled with good food (mmm, Russian food) and overpriced beer (7 euros? Damn).

Funny fact: I’d conveniently forgotten my suitcase back home, so I had to shop for new clothes in Helsinki.  It’s not everyday you have a valid excuse for a new wardrobe! I’m not proud of this, though! And it was so hot and humid all weekend that I felt I was being punished for my absentimindedness! I’m glad my friend Aino was with me to supervise the spazzy shopping trip that ensued! But you know festivals are all about the people, the good people and the good times that roll with them, and there were many!


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(all pictures by Sami, as I was too lazy to use anything but my ratty Lomo and God knows when I’ll develop those!)


  1. sounds (and looks!) like you had a wonderful time... and that Yoda backpack is MAD!!
    by the way, thank you so so much for following me, dearest :) i appreciate it more than i can say x

  2. you have no idea how inspirational your blog is to me; i'm so glad i came across it. your raw, candid snapshots and polaroids are fantastic. keep up the awesome work <3