Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making up our own little fun place.

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Scans of my favorite parts of Monki magazine. What a delightful little surprise to find it waiting in my mailbox! Like many others, when I signed up for the magazine a few months ago I thought I’d never actually see it in the flesh. But they’re really making it happen, four issues a year with some surprisingly lovely photos (the above editorial blew me away) and the usual Monki quirks (which are kind of cute for the sake of being cute, if that makes sense). Sure, I think I’m too old for this and some of the gimmicks are over-the-top and silly and almost sickeningly sweet, but hey! I’m kind of a sucker for it all, and I do honestly believe the people over at Monki are onto much more interesting things than they’re willing to let on right now!

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  1. LOOOOVE X1000
    monki magazine huh? guess i'm going to have to subscribe to that one.. amazing editorial.

  2. Ah it's so lovely! I subscribed but still haven't got anything :( that first editorial is just lovely though!

  3. amazing!
    I've never heard of Monki.. but judging by these pictures.. I'm gonna look up for that magazine.. cool blog btw