Friday, November 19, 2010

But in the midst of all the madness:


Stuff that’s gone on for the last week or so:

- I visibly can’t be bothered to tidy up my room these days (the side-eye says it all).

- Been trying to frequent the school library to pep myself up for my thesis. Part of me is all like this and the other part of me is getting excited about finally getting my hands dirty with it. Enfin, mgh.

- Started watching Mad Men. For the last two years people have been trying to get me into it and I’ve been pretty much “meh” towards it, but now it’s become routine for me to watch a couple of episodes before bed. I could call it comfort food in a way: smoking and drinking by proxy!

- Internship is going well, I guess. Is it wrong for me to feel a bit intimidated about being the only girl there? Hmm.

- I found a Yashica MF-1 at a flea market in Finland. I’m totally stoked but I’m having trouble using it, egh. Disappointed!

- Cut my hair today. No pictures yet and I miss my old hair a little bit. But just a little bit. Anyway, I was going for something like this (but with Spock bangs). I think I like it!

- I was ecstatic about something today: discovering I still love this song and especially this video.


Oh, forgotten youth. Growing up has made me such a cynic!

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