Saturday, February 19, 2011

Allison Schulnik


L.A-based artist Allison Schulnik does it all, painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, cooking (wonder what that’s like!), animation, dancing…I’m always fascinated with pluridisciplinary artists, especially the ones who bring life into each medium in very particular ways. Her work reminds me a lot of Belgian artist James Ensor with all the sad clowning and thick, pasty clumps of color, as well as Bruce Bickford the way that the shapes and forms of her characters seem to be constantly morphing and melting into each other. And since I’m a sucker for all things stop-motion and claynimation, I seriously urge everyone to check out her film work!


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  1. I love how much paint she uses. That's probably the wrong thing to like, but I've always loved acrylic for the way you can run your hand over a canvas afterwards and feel all the lumps & bumps. Here you can actually see them.

  2. really into these, the clowny one is great

  3. Her work is amazing, and is actually oil rather than acrylic as Jess thought. The paint is piled inches and inches thick in some areas giving a beautiful sculptural quality to the work .

    Oh yeah, and her film work is beyond amazing.