Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Tumblr faves

tumblr_ljc6wrvNCa1qeuna7o1_500 tumblr_ljd3ljmvxc1qbfkguo1_500

tumblr_lj5cs4BlmB1qgq1fpo1_500tumblr_ljkkeq18zf1qbpl50o1_500 tumblr_ljmqqwN3do1qc8dcko1_500

This week: giving up on epiphanies, analyzing foreign rock formations, coming up with ingenious lighting schemes and recording the remnants of uneasy dreams.

Also: hadn’t made a mix in ages! Here’s one chock-full of Jesus music. Kind of. Not exactly of the church choir variety, although in retrospect that might have been nice!

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  1. ah thank you gabriela.

    i hope you understand how much i wish we could 'hang out'.