Thursday, May 26, 2011




I picked up my old pens from their dusty lair and started drawing a little again. I honestly spend too much time procrastinating, especially now that I’m avoiding working on that thing people write in university that allows them to graduate. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

Lately I’ve been spending lots of time with my mom. We cook together, go for walks in the morning, joke around and watch movies at night. We’ve developed a sturdy little routine and I quite enjoy it, although it feels like being in the waiting room at the airport with a really good book (if that makes any sense). I think she knows it, but it makes me both wistful and sad because I don’t know how she’ll really feel when I finally get on that plane.

PS. The curly side-ponytail action going on up there was my way of taming the huge freaking afro I woke up with after sleeping with foam curlers on all night. It was a bit of an adventure and, as you can see, C3PO was visibly flustered by the sudden change.

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