Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whatever demons may haunt you this time.



What an emotionally charged week it’s been, and a really strange one at that. Some things that were taking off only a few days ago are now complete history. Stuff like boys and old demons and family matters and work and money and confidence issues.. my goodness, what a mouthful. Being 25 has never felt so real, and I mean this in a ridiculous made-for-TV kinda way. I bet everyone gets that feeling at some point when you’re single and confused and somewhat directionless, and you tune into some random show or romcom and completely relate regardless of the plot and contrivances. “OMG THAT IS SO MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, Y’ALL.”


I’m about to do the film-canon thing and go on a holiday by myself early next month. Get away from it all, maaan. No, seriously, I could really use one. Anyone have any suggestions for a dreamy European destination come December? I’m up for anything. Except France, of course. I’m never really up for France.


  1. No puedes encontrar el mismo boleto que el otro a 250 euros y venirteeee?

  2. Aw sorry to hear your going through some stuff. The worst is when you start watching Disney films & relate to them! How about... Prague? Or Amsterdam? Or um, hmm I think it was the capital or Ukraine or somewhere my friend went recently & had a surprisingly nice/dreamy European time.

    Why don't you like France?