Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White wine, mulled whine. And a fall mix.


My favorite thing to do lately is to go out for long evening walks downtown. The Christmas market is in full swing, and the ridiculous Ferris wheel (WHICH NO ONE WILL EVER FORCE ME TO GO ON EVER AGAIN) greets me every time I wade through the crowd to score some delicious mulled wine. Also, I’ve been hanging out at my favorite café at night, trying to finish A Scanner Darkly over glasses of absurdly toxic white wine. It’s fun but a bit lonely. At least it beats hanging out in my room waiting for something cool to happen.

It's been a while since I’ve made a mix, so here you go! I was mostly into hip-hop and krautrock during the summer, but autumn always makes me dig right back into washed-out  Asian pop, dark outsider folk, and clumsy Jesus music. And Iron and Wine, ugh. Good tunes to walk to as the days get shorter. Enjoyyyyy!


  1. Been meaning to read that... I never did see the movie, Did you? Mixed reviews, I heard.

    Glad to see youve made a new mix... I unknowingly started following you on 8tracks and then realized it was *you*. I guess we are just destined to be buddies.

  2. Mmm mulled wine. Mulled cider has for sure overtaken it in my heart though. Although I am from the West Country. YES no uniform is one of the best things about working in a book shop. & my colleagues are mostly male so it's intriguing to see how little they comment on clothing wise, ie, what I can get away with. Christmas is killing me already & I'm working Christmas Eve! I would say flats all the way, but structured. My DMs are perfect. My friend at the end of the day yesterday said she'd only just realised she had blisters because she'd been going & going all day... not good.