Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yayoi Kusama

YayoiKusamaAsChild_full    1965-infinity-mirror-room-full


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Something else to strive for this year: make it to the London by the end of spring and catch the Tate Modern’s wonderful retrospective on Yayoi Kusama. Beholdddd:


  1. I love her work, planning to reach London for her show sounds like an awesome idea !

  2. Love her. Esp. in that red wig.

    I was in London for the first time a few months ago and, having no idea how many Tates there were, was in the Tate Britain across the river from the Tate Modern, thinking it was Tate Modern (Tate?... check. Britain?... sure, I'm in Britain right now, duh. Modern?... Sure theres some modern art here...), waiting for a friend for an hour. 6 pounds later, finally figuring out how to dial a phone number in England (so many digits, arrgh!), I called her from a phone and we sorted it out only to find out... Tate Modern was closing. :( Don't make my (dumb) mistake!

    There were so many quirky museums in London I didnt get to visit too... Like the Freud museum, toy museum, clock museum, etc. Try to squeeze a couple of those in.

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