Thursday, November 6, 2014


I went on a late night bike ride around the park, all sniffles and flying thoughts. Rode in circles around the moonlit statues, feeling a surge of fear whenever I would get too close. I realized much later that this fear is a result of their impassiveness, and of the knowledge that they have attained what we, in the fleeting flurry of our lives, will never know. Immutability. Presence. Forevers.

Later in bed: I lost my arm, don’t remember how, but one of my colleagues began stuffing it with all sorts of food. He must have asked me what I wanted because I distinctly remember feeling excited about the possibilities. I ended up sticking to meat sauce and some sort of fancy bread to replace my bones and joints. After my arm was set back in place, I took a couple of big bites of my corporeal sloppy Joe.

My arm is my arm again, and I’m gonna eat it.

Getting sick.

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