Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I’m super tired, it’s hard waking up at 7am.


It certainly feels like cows are fluttering behind my eyelids. This is one of those moments when the fact that time is going by so fast simultaneously thrills (vacations! boyfriend! fun!) and terrifies (exams! so little time to study! no more vacations) little old me. And in short, I’m neglecting sleep in favor of King of the Hill &  R. Crumb’s illustrated Book of Genesis, and health in favor of cigarettes and prosciutto & truffle oil pizza.

Don’t be surprised if next time you see me I’m an amorphous grey blob with sunken eyes and exposed nipples,  calling you “sug’” and inserting the phrase “I’ll tell you what” at the end of every sentence.


  1. 7 am is not that early! Haha. :)

  2. mmm prosciutto and truffle oil pizza.

    best of luck on exams!

  3. @wallflower : it occurred to me after posting that indeed 7am is not early (especially since my goal now is 6 am, and I have yet to achieve it, egh)

    @hannah and/or landon : thanks! and seriously, this pizza is kind of out of this world, it makes me sad not being able to eat it every day (3 euros for a moderate slice? not a daily meal, eh)

  4. I know what's happened to time? It seems like I had a couple of months left for exams about last week sometime. Now they're on Monday.

    I want summer!