Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going blind is seeing less

random 005

Here in Belgium there has been a sudden drop in temperatures which I don’t think anybody saw coming. I know, I know, all I seem to rant about is the weather, but honestly this year has given me so much to whine about! I mean, it’s mid-May and everybody’s going back to their winter coats! I think I’ve just been anticipating warm weather so anxiously that the weather gods decided to go ahead and have a laugh at my expense, making sure my radiator breaks down in the process and that there’s always a shortage of warm water in my bathroom. Gee, thanks a lot.

Anyway, lately I’ve been shamelessly excited about nail polish and photocopying jewelry. Maybe next I should try to cover my jewelry in nail polish before  photocopying it? LOL NOT.

I need to get a hobby.


  1. Amazing nail colour. & we had the same thing here in the UK. We had like 2 weeks of actual 'Spring' & then it started snowing again in Scotland & raining here. It's as if the weather gave a little to remind us what we were missing & then took it all away again because we didn't appreciate it enough.

    Something about the word 'hobby' makes me shudder. You could start knitting?

  2. @ cinta, thank youuuu! look who's talking, i'm a fan of BOTH yer blogs :D

    and jess, what's even more depressing is that my boyfriend up in FREAKING FINLAND can't wear t-shirts because it's 30°C!!!! in FINLAND!
    i think knitting would be nice but i have such little patience! i have a friend who knits entire worlds, maybe i'll hire her to be my teacher someday ;)

  3. haha. sometimes i feel the same way, but in the end, we only hope their new owner loves 'em as much as we did :)