Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday beats the cramps.


I spent a pretty hazy weekend, hungover beyond recognition after a week immersed in schoolwork. I think I still have a lot to discover about middle grounds, but you know how great that first beer feels and then you just can’t stop and then you’ve slept until 4pm and yikes it’s Mother’s Day! But at least no cigarettes and no alcohol this weekend, and I’m keeping up with my driving lessons and whatnot, exciting!

But I am feeling tired and burnt-out, I have all these personal projects that are obviously not getting done by themselves, and yet all I can do is let the drool hang off my chin while I browse endlessly on Etsy (is it a crime that I’ve only just discovered it?)

Here is a Sunday tune for you, in hoping that summer won’t take thaaat long to come knocking at our doorsteps.

1 comment:

  1. Hungover weekend days are the worst...they are becoming way to common for me these days! I hope you had a happy MOther's dayy!