Sunday, June 6, 2010

About a week to go, in my marshmallow socks.


This particular part of my room is a mess of old clothes (which I tell myself I’ll do something with), ugly pillows (which my mom has lovingly collected over the years, bless her) and ill-planned electrical configurations (which da Lord knows I have no idea what to do about).  I' still have about a week and a half of exams to go and so far it’s gone surprisingly well, save for History of Books, a subject that caught me off guard with a panoply of complicated technicalities which obviously escaped me until I’d turned my paper in and wailed a long, screeching “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in my head. Anyway, perhaps it didn’t go as badly as I think, but fact of the matter is that this whole deal has made me quieter and far less upbeat than I was at the beginning of the week when I scored an unexpected 17/20 in my Sociology of Art exposé (based on this awesome essay on asylum art by Anne Bowler).

Vacationz, people! That’s all I’m talking about, really!

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  1. Hmm..exams are killing me too. You are still looking rather lovely too.

    I actually volunteered to work at 4am... Because I just stayed up (don't sleep anyway) and they paid me double AND I got the Saturday that I usually work off, paid! & I needed the revision time. I despise Stephanie Mayer, but was fun in an oddly surreal way. But no I don't work in Waterstones, Blackwells actually, so if you do get your job back you will be my highstreet-book chain enemy!

    Haha...good luck with the rest of your exams!