Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday fun


Yay! But to be honest, I finished exams about a week ago, and it’s been hazy and crazy ever since. Well, more hazy than crazy, to be honest! But what I’ve done is basically hang out with my boyfriend all day, go out drinking every nite, made sushi with friends and gone out to restaurants I’d never gone to before. At this rate, I’ll be broke with a pickled liver and fries on the side.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a place called Lucky Lake over in Holland. I’m praying for sun and no rain, sausages and halloumi and nice cold beer on the grass along with those ugly-ass animal sculptures in front of what will be my caravan. Again: yay!


Shout out to my glaring friend Baite, who will undoubtedly bring the beats and the tunes for the rest of us lackeys!!

Oh, and photos by my furry little boyfriend! Let’s hope there will be many more to come!


  1. lazy hazy splendors have filled up my last week too. i have no focus!

    your nail polish is killer. i love, i want.