Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holland and a few more stories.


Like I probably mentioned, I went to Holland for a few days to hang out by the lake and catch a bit of sun to toast my nose. It was all about bonfires, swimming, and spotting cute animals, as well as having the first (and worst-planned) barbeque of the decade! Oh, and Burger King. Lots of Burger King.

It was pretty awesome, although some minor mishaps included my boyfriend dropping his iPhone in the lake (but he did manage to save it in the end! hooray!) as well as ending up sunburned after getting his butt kicked twice at ping-pong. The fact that even he came back smiling and relaxed makes up for having to get slathered in aloe vera every two hours! At least it does for me, haha.

Tomorrow I’m flying back home to Venezuela for three weeks. After that, it’s Finland and hopefully a small voyage into either  Scandinavia or the Baltic states. We’ll see. Anyway, this summer is looking exciting and overwhelming, and the only whining I hear right now is coming from my bank account. And my stomach, of course, after the imminent Burger King overload (because there’s lots of them in Venezuela, too)!

Here’s a few more pictures from Holland, the polaroidy ones courtesy of my boyfriend’s resuscitated iPhone!


luckylake 008


luckylake 121



  1. cool polaroid pics :)

  2. How lovely & summery, you both take beautiful photos. & sounds like you have an awesome summer planned, I'm very jealous!

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