Saturday, July 31, 2010

On that first week.

summer10 231

I’m enjoying myself as much as always now that Finland has become my ultimate summer destination. A few things worth noting:

- My daytrip to Helsinki was marked by a lot of walking and a rather decent shopping experience, in which I thankfully didn’t let the sales blind me too much (especially over at Monki, seeing as it was my much-anticipated first time there and I had to refrain myself from going crazy with la credit card).

- Anyone who’s ever seen Pushing Daisies might have foamed a bit at the mouth upon seeing those pear-and-Gruyère pies that Charlotte lovingly sent her cheese-loving aunts on a regular basis. Well, it seems I have mastered the deed! Unfortunately, no pictures: pie really flies, y’know.

- My boyfriend and I have been tidying up the apartment a bit, trying to steer it away from bachelor’s pad direction it inevitably takes when I’m not around. I finally won me some closet space and now I’m looking forward to buying/making nice decorations for the walls. As for my boyfriend, he finally fixed up his workroom, where he now makes beautiful haunting music and plays Starcraft for hours.

- I don’t really know what else we’ve done, but somehow that feels like a good thing.

 summer10 262

I do hope I get some more time at the lake, though.


  1. oh! finland is one of my favourite places in the world!
    ps. thank you for your wonderful words.

  2. oh :')
    Everything looks so wonderful, and I am left so wistful to visit Finland one day!