Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band.


I re-watched Almost Famous the other night after almost 10 years, and was excited to learn that 24 year-old me finds it as awesome (if not more so) than 14 year-old me. You know that sense of shame and terror when you’re about to revisit the movies that marked your teenage years, knowing that they’ll be most likely filled with cringe-worthy phrases and corny set-ups that, in retrospect, make you remember how awful things looked and felt back in the day? Luckily, and possibly singularly, this was not the case. Not only did I safeguard the memory of a funny, aloof, heart-warming movie, there were indeed some added bonuses from watching it nearly 10 years on:

- I thought Penny Lane was a character my cynical, eye-rolling adult self would abhor, yet I was pleased to discover that I still like her, still think she’s cool, and that I even feel sympathy when her inevitable crash-landing ensues. Also, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU, KATE HUDSON? YOU USED TO BE SO CUTE.



- 70’s fashion was not really something 14 year-old me appreciated. Huh.




- The music, and the sentiment on music, and not scoffing at all the somewhat higher-than-thou statements on music and its state/future. Also, the soundtrack was pretty killer. My highlights:


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  1. Tiny dancer has become one of my fave songs after seeing this movie! i think it's the best "togetherness"-scene there is, when they start singing it on the bus!

  2. i know, right? when we were young and talked about making a teen movie (ha) we couldn't come up with any better "togetherness" songs. i'm surprised that scene doesn't make me wince ;)