Thursday, September 9, 2010

Over is the summer.


Or at least my summer vacation is! I got back from Finland a couple of days ago and, well, let’s just say it’s been interesting: recent developments include my brother trying to leave to Spain, but realizing at the airport that he forgot his passport (twice!), as well as my unexpected reunion with a girl from my first and only summer camp, 15 years later and in the most random of countries.

But anyway, this summer was the best and one of the nicest things that happened was going to our friends’ Laura and Antti’s house out in the Finnish countryside. Their home is beautiful and warm, and they live sandwiched between the lake and the beach, with stretches of fields and forests in between. I got to hang out a lot with their cat Sirkku and their little boy Nuutti, and even though I was bit by a bunch of (moose?) flies, I was completely bowled over by the quiet charm of their daily lives, as well as by the amount of fruit and vegetables they grow! Also, Laura and Antti make fantastic music, you can check it out here and here, and if you’re lucky you might catch them on tour this year!

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  1. Ah sooo many pretty pictures on your blog!
    Love it!

  2. your photos are amazing, really love your blog!


  3. you have the most beautiful pics ever!

  4. it looks beautiful there (: i'd love to go to finland!

  5. Gorgeous photos, I really love the last one x Sushi

  6. thanks, ladies, for all the lovely comments!

  7. Wow, wow, wow. What a beautiful life to lead. Absolutely stunning.