Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wistful and apprehensive.

3102056181_9e50852f2d_oPhoto source.

My brother took my camera cable with him to Spain, so I haven’t been in the mood to take photos knowing I can’t upload them. Instead, while waiting for school to start again, I’ve made this mix that is supposed to encapsulate this WHOLE summer in 8 tracks! I must admit, I haven’t discovered much “new” music this year, let alone listen to any of it, so I cheated and put in some of my personal favorite summer hits. You’ll find crazy old Franco Battiato in both his electronic shire music phase as well as the weirdo hodge-podge mess he came up with in the 80’s, plus  quite a few Krautrock faves (inspired by this book), and some of the more upbeat oldies that were on repeat on Radio Asia (which listened to a LOT while cooking and doing other shenanigans in the kitchen, a.k.a my Finnish office).

So have a listen!

P.S. How does everyone do to keep up with fashion week? A few years ago I decided it was too much work to stay up to date with all the collections, which resulted in me abandoning interest in fashion week, which resulted in me feeling sad for being out of the loop and not understanding what’s gone on in the last 3 years. Maybe the fact that it felt like too much work means that I wasn’t that interested to begin with? Still…


  1. i'll have to listen to it! and yea i dont know how people keep up with fashion week either, i gave up after day 3 ;)

    ...look closer

  2. I LOVE this photo. Gypsies are my favorites. :) Cute blog!


  3. crazy picture.
    by the way, I like your blog layout. well done :)

  4. the image above is ultimate perfection!

  5. fashion week trick: pick out your favorite names in advance, stick to it, and let the rest trickle down slowly.

  6. @Yael: yoooo, where the hell did you go hiding? I'VE BEEN WORRIED.