Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did you see anything beautiful out there?


I’ve gone a bit missing these last coupla weeks, but my boyfriend was visiting, you see, and I was obviously too busy making a nest in his beard to be on the internet and stuff. But now he’s gone and it’s pretty dark and rainy out there, and all I can think of is this movie we saw recently called Air Doll. It’s not amazing or anything, no, but somehow the depiction of city life as seen through new, untarnished eyes rung true to me. How frail and small one feels, how enchanting and dazzling and mystifying it can seem, how scary and deceitful and lonely it can all become. I felt like I was watching Amélie Poulain’s destiny go terribly awry, all the sweet and uplifting things waved at you like some delicious candy which is then cruelly snatched from your hands.

Here I leave you with some screencaps. I thought that actress was so cute, with eyes so big and shiny you could easily believe she was truly born a plastic doll. Also, I made a mix with the movie in mind (because the soundtrack kinda sucked). Enjoy!









  1. she looks so sweet and innocent, and i love her hair! :O
    thank you so much for commenting, dear xxx

  2. oh you just made me want to watch this movie :)