Sunday, October 10, 2010

Discovering the people we know we were.


 diego.gall.forcesdiego.gall.nudeflowerscover  diego.gall.dreamsunday2

Diego Rivera. Source.

Currently reading this.  I’m really behind on Latin American art and I’m rather excited to discover everything I’ve missed out on. I wish I could go to Mexico, and now I regret not having gone as a child when we lived in Austin and my mom really wanted to visit and I said no because I could only imagine tortillas and piñatas and, yes, I was a bit resentful of having been automatically put in countless Mexican activities although I endlessly repeated that Venezuela isn’t part of Mexico.

Whatever. Stupid me. Here’s a new (and totally unrelated) mix for ya: CLICK!

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  1. I love the slightly random balloons in that last painting. My friend went to Mexico this summer & brought back all these stories that make me want to go so bad! For now I'll have to make do with the shot glass she brought back for me...