Friday, October 29, 2010

Spreading seeds in my gardens.


To be quite honest, and although I don’t like oversharing, it has not been a good couple of weeks for me. What is it about reaching your mid-twenties, huh? Everything you’ve known until now collapses before your eyes, and, although you’re forced to, it’s too scary to look ahead and realize what you really are made of. How does one even begin to understand what the past has done for the future? How is it all not a waste?

Also, I’m very broke and very behind on some school things, or maybe I’m just giving myself a hard time. I’ve decided two things, that in truth should be New Year’s resolutions but that I should apply myself to right away:

- Limit high-street shopping to a single bimonthly venture, except for strict necessities such as socks and undies. Seriously, guys, it’s kinda hard.

- Focus on a particular project every week, whether it be a painting or a sketch, a photo-shoot or a figurine. Be as prolific as possible in the time I have, the important thing being that I learn what it means to finish what you start.

Anyway, these are things I’ve been contemplating recently. Besides my lovely feathered cape, of course.



  1. I'm beyond jealous of your feathered cape. I would wear it always & maybe things won't seem so bad?

    Good luck on your resolutions. I hate highstreet shoppping but I have a hard time finishing what I started so I know where you're coming from.


    did that help?

  2. wow, i have also been having a shitty month. my issue is that i have waaay too many things to work on and instead of getting one done at a time, i just get overwhelmed and accomplish nothing. plus for the first time i've gotten horrible marks in school and it scares me. this is the one year that everything counts and i'm just messing it up. and i have no idea what i want to be in the future.

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  4. Alguna vez te he dicho cuánto te quiero?

  5. What a beautiful feathered cape! You are so lovely!

    I'm sorry to hear that your last couple of weeks haven't been top notch - it definitely seems to be something about being in your mid-20s. Lots of responsibility, a need for "direction", etc. Hope you feel better soon <3

  6. comentaría tu capa pero.. tu cabello (!!!!).. *empieza a buscar pinzas para rizos*

    y si.. los 20s son raros.. pero supongo que son para hacer y deshacer? en fin, yo debería de imponerme algo como el segundo punto, hace toda la diferencia..