Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pinning away.



Click images to see the boards!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m really getting into Pinterest these days! It’s a pretty neat way for lazy people like me to keep track of the pretty/coo/funny things the Internet has to offer while simultaneously making moodboards (whatever the eff that means) out of them. If you have an account, don’t hesitate to friend me, and if you want one I still have a few invites there somewhere!


  1. this is just what i was looking for, wow. i have way to many unorganized files scattered about my also seems like it helps you keep track of your sources ;D

  2. so I actually came across your blog from a comment you had written to kelsea concerning how earnest she is. that's so spot-on! that sense of awe/wonder/hope for the world is what attracted me to her writing, as well. (hi, kelsea! :) <3)
    i'm glad i found my way here, because i'm interested in what you have to say and show, as well.
    concerning pinterest - looks incredibly useful and probably addicting! how can i make an account?
    xoxo, Kitty

  3. yo quiero!!
    es más adictivo que tumblr?? digo porque tumblr no me hizo mucho efecto!!.

  4. por lo menos me parece que es más fácil de utilizar y que, como dijo la chica de arriba, es útil para eso de las fuentes! a mi me cuesta volverme adicta a cualquier cosa pero por lo menos le reconozco el aspecto práctico ;)

    te mando una invitación al mail! beixos!