Monday, November 8, 2010

Postcards from Finland!


Seriously, it’s how I have lo look at things in order to realize that it’s FALL and yet it’s SNOWING here. Talk about exotic.

In any case, here is a quick post showcasing last week’s “big” project: my Darth Vader jack o’ lantern! I hadn’t made one since I was little and although it isn’t perfect, I thought it was pretty funny, despite the perpetual side-eye he threw me all weekend long.  Thank goodness he’s in the trash now.


Bet he never saw that coming.

Also, the initial reason I bought a pumpkin was so I could make some nice, spicy pumpkin cupcakes. Alas, I was not aware that jack o’ lantern pumpkins are basically hard and fleshless (rookie mistake, fo sho) and that it’s actually impossible to find canned pumpkin puree in Finland (but I do hope someone proves me wrong!). I ended up making these carrot cupcakes, although I didn’t have half the ingredients so I had to do some major improvising (ex. replacing the crushed pineapple with some homemade apple jam, walnuts with crushed cocoa beans, etc).


They’re pretty good. And rather pretty, I suppose! And you get the added health bonus of those disgusting cocoa beans my boyfriend and I just can’t seem to get rid of!


  1. That Darth Vader jack O’ lantern was really well made, I can barely make two holes in a pumpkin without dieing of exhaustion.

  2. did you do this??? even those cupcakes?? omg I'm starving now!

  3. haha, are you mocking birthday present cocoa beans in public here?!? I'm gonna tell...!

    but a very cool pumpkino! I have to disappoint you by telling that pumpkin purée is something I've only seen overseas. But you never know, there's more and more pumpkins here every year!

  4. @Aino: At least they weren't my birthday present, so less guilt in mocking them! Markus himself tried the cupcakes and said "The cocoa beans go really well with this, YOU CAN BARELY TASTE THEM."

    also, I figured the puree would be difficult, as the only place I can find it in Belgium is in American import stores. maybe you'll get those too someday :)

  5. Qué bien que te puedo hablar en español! jaja, no me importa que no hayas puesto otro post desde que vine la última vez, esa última foto me da la vida! un besazo

  6. Haha, that jack o lantern is magic!
    And oh my gosh is it flipping difficult to find pumpkin purée in Europe...
    But those carrot cupcakes look great and Finland seems gorgeous! What brings you there? Friends/family? Did you take that snowy autumn photo yourself? 'Cause it's beautiful, so frosty and ethereal...
    Cheers! <3