Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early Christmas.


I got the winter issue of Monki Magazine today, which was definitely welcome in these busy times of mine! While I find the previous issue to be much nicer (mostly because of that one ed) this issue had its moments as well. Namely the “Portrait of a Girl” feature, which showcases a handful of classy Hong Kong ladies (and a devilish bulldog!) talking about their nightmares, talents and superstitions. And, man, I do like the new winter items a lot: desert boots, sheer polka dot skirts and fuzzy cardigans that would channel my inner Harajuku goth. I’m sure I said it once, but lemme say it again: even though I feel too old for this whole cute little girl aesthetic they have going, I still wish with all my heart that they’d open up a Monki store in Belgium. Or at least in Tampere, Finland, for when I move there :}



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  1. they need to open up a monki in my town. i'm obsessed with every little aspect of that company.

  2. the first photoshoot gorgeous totally my style, and i like the collagey one at the bottom too.
    glad you posted