Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aquarium Drunkard


I haven’t been taking my camera out that much lately. I brought it to a music festival yesterday but realized too late that I’d forgotten the battery. Seriously, how stupid can one be?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went on a road trip to Germany with my folks. My brother and I snuck off to the local church/cemetery in search of freemasonry symbols. “The Illuminateh are everywhere",” he kept saying. Uh, sure. Anyway, it was a great trip and the cemetery was full of rather new graves, which was a bit disappointing. But then I had some pretty awesome Camembert croquettes with cranberry sauce and everything was swell.

I’ve been going out too much lately, but that’s never too interesting to talk about. So I’ll leave you with this cool mix for Aquarium Drunkard  curated by nicholab over at  ghostcapital. Great tunes, including The Kinks, Kris Kristofferson, The Pastels, Karen Dalton…perfect for sunny autumn days.

Oh, and we did find one All-Seeing Eye. Hanging above St. Joseph?


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  1. I love all your photography, your blog is really beautiful :) xxx