Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RECENT Tumblr faves.

tumblr_lsay7hwVsA1qakxguo1_500  tumblr_ln6imhtH0r1qzyxjro1_500tumblr_lsema17avL1qdxqlzo1_1280

mary cassatt  tumblr_loaidwM1tP1qk5emto1_500

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Lately: banishing many a mask, seeking certain truths in cards and rediscovering innocence through youth in order to do things the right way for once.


  1. So beautiful ! I think I'm totally in love with the atmosphere of your blog ;)

  2. These are lovely inspiration photos. Also, sorry to hear that Belgium has bad octobers! I think Texas summers are so monotonous and hot that we welcome the crazy weather~