Friday, December 30, 2011

Impressions von Berlin


What I wrote on the plane about the Berlinxperience:

We got there, pretty turbulent flight. My palms were sweaty as hell, but we landed in the middle of some moist darkness we’d soon discover would accompany us for the rest of the trip. The S-Bahn was great: some guy gave me the finger as he combed his hair.  (My friend) Adolfo is amazing; he has so much to say, to offer, to teach…We spent a night honoring our San Antonio roots: drinking until 5am at a dark park overlooking squat, squareish apartment buildings. Walking by myself, walking with others, standing by the Wall, fazed and unfazed, making horrible coffee at Adolfo’s and walking to the Turkish bakery and getting breakfast for two euros. We kept getting lost, but only in the best of ways.

Unusual end of year post, but I’m glad this is how 2011 ended for me: ambiguously exciting, completely bewildering, and full of prospects for new tides. Hope you guys had a good one, too!


  1. Aw so lovely! You take brilliant photos, write wonderfully & obviously had a great time in Berlin. Happy new year :)

  2. Amazing blog! Love your style of writing and the photos are so lovely!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.