Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gone not too long.


Hope everyone’s End of Tymes got off to a good start! For me it’s been strangely calm yet oddly thrilling. Feels like a storm is brewing up somewhere, possibly on all fronts, and I have to get all my survival gear together for the inevitable crash.

Some cool January tidbits:

- Had friends and family visit me from Venezuela; after many a party, I sadly accepted that I will never be a salsa dancer.

- Been verbally abused by strung-out strangers TWICE, both times after being asked for cigarettes and complying as politely as possible. My face must inspire something awful.

- Went to Maastricht with my colleagues from Waterstone’s, and hit the most beautiful bookshop in the world (which went bankrupt a week later; oops) as well as the local head shop and the first Burger King we could stuff ourselves into.

- Tried a semi-legal psychedelic substance (of the natural variety), realized I have no real problems right now, and things have been great ever since.

Anyway, been watching a lot of movies and trying to read more books; that will probably merit a post on its own. I made a mix, too! Good tunes for the snow that’s decided to finally lock me in with a bottle of wine and no shortage of woolly blankets  to dive into.


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